DL2700 – Our Most Popular Lock – Now with more codes and More power (Up to 100 3-6 digit codes: 1 Master and 10 Managers with 90 basic users and 3 one time service codes)

The DL 2700 is a standalone lock proven in the field available in Mortise, Cylindrical, Mortise and Trim Models. It is designed to retrofit on to doors with panic exit bars or narrow stile glass/aluminium doors latch locks. It is a dependable lock set with a rugged clutch mechanism and a vandal-proof all metal keypad. It is easily installed taking circa 1 hour. We have supplied this lock for a number of years and it has a very high customer satisfaction rating.

  • Support 100 codes of 3 to 6 digits
  • Multi-level user codes and one time service codes. Also has free passage, group or total lockout codes Fingertip programmable with vandal proof metal keypad Longer life battery operation – Typical 200,000 cycles (uses 5 x AA of the shelf batteries)
  • Low battery warning Key override Standard core (supplied)
  • Programmable relay functions
  • Durable BHMA(Builders Hardware Manufacturers Association) Grade 1 Lockset ( Heavy commercial use) >Weatherproof models operational parameters -35C to +66C Curved regal handle option
  • Comes in an option of three finishes (US3 polished brass, 26D satin chrome, 10B duronodic)
  • Can be retrofitted into wireless network

Operation: The clutch mechanism permits turning the lever without retracting the latch which reduces stress on lock body and spindle.

Keypad: All metal. It is 12 button programmable for multi-level access via group, individual user codes, management and master codes, emergency and passage codes and remote override and lockout capability. Allowable entry times from 5 to 20 seconds. It also has 4 different keypad tones or can be used it silent mode.

Key override: Solid brass 6 pin tumbler cylinder

Compliance: Grade 1, heavy duty cylindrical lockset, FCC certified and UL listed. ADA compliant leversets.

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