T’s and C’s

Quotations & Prices
All quotations are made without obligation and subject unsold. All prices quoted are exclusive of VAT and other duties and any extra charges for post & packing.
Bentley Security Projects Ltd reserves the right to change price lists, quotations and catalogue material without notice.
The dimensions and other technical specifications stated in quotations and catalogue material are approximate and are only intended as a guide, and Bentley Security Projects Ltd assumes no responsibility in respect of any errors in this material.

The purchase shall be conclusive when Bentley Security Projects Ltd has confirmed the Buyer’s order by forwarding order confirmation or invoice.
We reserve the right to change the order confirmation, if any changes occur in exchange rates, prices or times of delivery on part of our suppliers.

Cancellation of orders is not accepted in cases where the products ordered are not normal stock items with Bentley Security Projects Ltd or where the products are specially purchased for the Customer, unless our Supplier accepts the cancellation.
To any cancellation is added a fee of 15% of the open order.

Our terms of delivery are ex warehouse and transport is therefore for the Buyer’s account and risk.
In the absence of any written instructions the means of transport and routing will be chosen at our discretion.

Time of Delivery
The time of delivery stated is estimated and will be kept as far as possible, but we assume no responsibility for the consequences of any delay.
The times of delivery stated shall apply subject to other orders coming in before approval.
The execution of any order is subject to events beyond our control such as strike, lockout, war, riot, fire, and embargoes on imports/exports, transportation problems, and common scarcity of goods, delays or defects in consignments from Sub-suppliers due to the above circumstances. Nor shall we be responsible for any other event beyond our reasonable control.
We shall not be liable to pay damages for losses caused by delays in delivery, irrespective of the cause of delay.

Our standard terms of payment are 30 days from invoice unless otherwise agreed.
The Buyer is not entitled to withhold payment due to any counterclaims, which we have not approved in writing.
Upon any overdue payment a 2% penalty interest shall be charged for each initiated month from the due date.
If the Buyer fails to comply with the agreed conditions on payment of the purchase price, Bentley Security Projects Ltd shall be under no obligation to effect further deliveries.
Where a credit agreement has been reached with the buyer, Bentley Security Projects Ltd reserve title of the goods until the purchase price has been received in full.
In the event that payment for products to be delivered at fixed intervals according to order or contract is not made punctually, we shall be entitled to resell the products for the Buyer’s account as per advice or to store the products for the Buyer’s account, the costs incidental hereto being charged to the Buyer’s account. In storage the products remain at the Buyer’s risk.

Liability for Defects
All liability for failed or corrupt devices is the sole responsibility of the manufacturer/supplier. The Buyer’s compensation for any defects shall not exceed the price of the delivered product. The obligation shall lapse in the event of uncommon wear and tear, molestation, insufficient maintenance, incorrect installation or defects caused by repair not carried out by us.

Components that have been in use or otherwise show signs of use cannot be accepted as defective.

Complaints of any defects shall be submitted in writing within 7 days from the date of delivery. After the expiration of the time limit the Buyer shall not be entitled to make any further claims

Return of Goods
Return of goods can only be made according to prior agreement with Bentley Security Projects Ltd, which will give the Customer a Return Inward Note (RIN) number, if the return is acceptable.

The Customer must follow the instructions of the Note and ensure that the goods are marked with the RIN number provided.
Return of goods shall follow in original and undamaged packaging; otherwise Bentley Security Projects Ltd shall be entitled to reject the return.

Venue & Special Terms
If the above terms are inadequate, reference is made to the English Sale of Goods Act.
Any dispute shall be settled according to the English Sales of Goods Act.
The matter shall not be governed by CISG (Convention on Contracts for the International Sales of Goods).
As some of Bentley Security Projects Ltd products, produced by companies in the United States or by companies owned by companies in the United States, are affected by embargo rules, export is not allowed without a written approval from the US Government.

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