Advanced Digital Lock With Audit Trail


  • 2000 3-6 digit user codes
  • Multilevel security – Master, manager supervisor and basic users
  • Can be programmed at lock or with PC and/or data-transfer module
  • 300 multilevel user codes
  • Audit trail capabilities (1600 event with time/date stamp of user access)
  • Create PC reports or via hand held wireless printer
  • Can be programmed with up to 500 scheduled lock/unlock events
  • Quick passage mode (In user or program mode)
  • Weatherproof models operational perameters -35C to +66C
  • Longer life battery operation – Typical 200,000 cycles
  • Uses 5 x AA of the shelf batteries


  • Cylindrical Lock
  • 1000 event audit trail log, time-stamped by day, date, time and user
  • 150 scheduled automatic lock/unlock events,etc.
  • 200 user codes: Master, manager, supervisor and basic users. Also one-time service code (3-6 digits)
  • Weatherproof -31˚ to +151˚F (-35˚ to +66˚C)
  • Relay may be programmed to energize on one or more selected events
  • 5AA Battery operated; 80,000 cycles, typ.
  • DL3200 (High Capacity Audit Trail Lock) – Enhanced Version of the DL3000
  • Large audit trail capabilities (40,000 event with time/date stamp of user access)


  • 2000 users may be granted direction-specific access (ie., each code can be programmed to only allow access to go into an area, out of an area, or all ways)
  • Easy independent programming of direction through the door by code (ie., inside to outside, outside to inside or both)
  • Time-date-stamped 40,000 event audit trail also indicates direction of door usage
  • Data port for programming lock and querying audit trail is on primary side of door, along with functioning mechanical key override
  • Mirror image on 2nd side, where key unlocks battery chamber
NKS Solutions LTD

NKS Solutions LTD